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Welcome: The home of Fianna Leaders a Hibernia Guild on the Uthgard Freeshard server. 

In early Irelandfianna (singular fian) were small, semi-independent warrior bands who lived apart from society in the forests as mercenariesbandits and hunters, but could be called upon by kings in times of war[

Who Are we?
We are primarily an english speaking Hib guild... Whether you are from the US, UK Australia or anywhere else you are welcome to join as long as your english is good enough :)... But we try to keep it friendly and no bullying other members.

We want to have a strong Emphasis on Realm Defense and pride. This means relics and the defense/capture of them should come before other objectives in the game.
Guild News    

RIP Uthgard 1.0

daones, Mar 13, 14 7:57 AM.
It was quite weird, I have not played daoc in quite a long time, the last few years i was hooked on WoW again and just mid January I decided to let my subscription run out as i believe I spent long enough waisting time on WoW. A week later i thought hey ill get back into Daoc on Uthgard... Coincidentally... after i made that decision I heard about this "origins" so long story short I ended up playing on Origins instead of uthgard which in the end closed their server.

As most people know by now the other Month at the end of January Uthgard had the opportunity to "restart" with the release of Origins (now genesis) it gave them a good reason to be able to restart everything new...At the same time they will be adding new features for Uthgard 2.0 including SI and Old Ras with many other features. Its been nearly 2 months now so hopefully we will see Uthgard 2.0 released.

In the mean time I have been playing on Genesis... I do plan to go back to Uthgard but the determining factor will be which server has more players as I have already spent weeks on Genesis.

Back at least to some extent

daones, Oct 26, 11 4:09 AM.
Been a long time since ive been away, mostly due to work and other games. With that said most of the guild has died off with the exception of maybe 2-3 other people according to the roster in game.

But ill be back online in some form on occasion during the holiday season mostly crafting or helping uthgard to research on Shrouded Isles Live server... it will be nice to have SI on uthgard.

Another note is we are recruiting but really i need a sidehand or co-gm to help with the guild someone who is active who can take over when im not around. you can post in the forums for any of the above related.

3 Relics Back

daones, Mar 7, 11 2:29 AM.
Congrats to the hibs who took back three relics from Albion, seems like the only way to take them successfully is during off hours. We now have all three Power relics.


daones, Feb 24, 11 7:27 AM.
Welcome again all new members to the guild, within the last week we picked up around 6 new members in the Guild which so far is probably the best week in regards to recruiting. All new members feel free to check out the forums for information regarding the guild or teamspeak/vent etc..

Albion relics

daones, Feb 16, 11 3:10 PM.
Not a surprise, was only a matter of time but now albion has all Relics, bet you within at least a month hibs will have some of the relics again. 
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Fianna Leaders is currently recruiting the following:
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